Merino & Cashmere scarf

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Minimalist women’s shawl made of natural wool with addition of cashmere. Warm and gentle on the skin. It will provide you with extraordinary comfort and natural warmth even on the coldest days with its premium merino wool and cashmere. It is a stylish accent that you will match with a down jacket or a classic long coat.


90% merino wool, 10% Oeko-test certificate cashmire.


26 cm x 160 cm


24 H


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Women’s natural wool scarf – warm and stylish in winter

An elegant women’s scarf is the best protection against the cold. The simple form and muted colors of the cashmere shawl cut refer to the minimalism of the Scandinavian style. Classic women’s scarves reign supreme in winter in the European capitals of the northern countries – Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki and Reykjavik.

Ideal for practical wear under a down jacket, where it will create a wrap around the neck and neckline, or with a bit of nonchalance on top of a coat. A unique combination of fine fibers is a guarantee of an elegant appearance. Against the backdrop of the popular acrylic, the merino & cashmere scarf is distinguished by the quality of the material. The cashmere merino yarn used in the production is extremely soft and does not bite the skin.

Create a unique set of classic accessories for winter by choosing a hat and a women’s scarf in matching tones, such as a camel beige scarf and a light pink hat.

Natural fibers of the highest quality – merino & cashmere

The minimalist women’s scarf is distinguished by its quality workmanship, guaranteed by a Polish knitter. The presence in the category of premium women’s accessories is due not only to the most careful workmanship, but also to the highest quality yarns. Merino wool combined with cashmere is second to none, both in terms of practicality and aesthetics.

Merino wool is sourced from sheep living in the New Zealand Alps. Variable climatic conditions meant that nature endowed these animals with fur with unusual properties. Merino wool does not crease, is pleasant in touch and, unlike the yarn of European sheep breeds, does not scratch or irritate the skin. Breathable merino wool is even used to make thermal underwear!

Nature has designed merino yarn better than the finest synthetic fibers, making it the best for making wool garments. The admixture of cashmere gives the merino yarns softness and a soft sheen. The fine cashmere used to make the scarf comes from the cashmere goats living in the Himalayas, whose precious yarn is spun in the traditional way by herders.

Merino & cashmere scarf – product details   

Product dimensions are 26 x 160 cm.     

Material: 90% merino wool, 10% cashmire.     

The women’s merino & cashmere scarf is produced in 5 universal colors. Available color palette: 

  • Camel beige,
  • Dark grey,
  • Grey,
  • Light pink,
  • Light beige.  

Women’s cashmere scarf together with a merino & cashmere hat or a chunky hat creates a winter set of stylish accessories. 

To make the merino & cashmere scarf last as long as possible, be sure to follow the recommendations for washing wool fabrics. Wash them with a mild detergent, preferably one designed for this purpose.


black, blush, grey, light beige, red, camel beige




10% cashmere, 90% merino wool


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