Peruvian hat – Knitbox set

Looking for a way to relax on long autumn evenings?

Combine pleasant #metime with useful #diy and start your knitting adventure with us. Discover total relaxation while knitting.

With our kit you will knit a warm hat by yourself, for yourself or for a gift. This is a complete set, which includes high-quality yarns, all the necessary accessories and clear, step by step instructions, thanks to which you will make your first wool hat by hand. The hat knitting kit will satisfy beginners, as well as more advanced handmade amateurs.

Difficulty level: 2/5

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DYI hat knitting kit – Peruvian hat – Knitbox set

Feel the joy of creation! Gain new manual skills and learn to knit. With Peruvian hat knitbox set you will gain not only new competence, but also… thick and very warm head covering for winter! Doesn’t that sound like a new power? Calm down and feel the relaxing peace. Knit for yourself and as a gift for loved ones.

Put into practice the DIY(do it yourself) philosophy and instead of reaching for ready-made products from the production line, create them at your own home. Start by knitting a simple Scandinavian-style model – a classic hat – Peruvian. Don’t know what wool for a knit cap to choose? The best one! Such is included in the kit for knitting a hat. The highest quality of only natural raw materials and satisfaction with your own workmanship guaranteed!

We will provide a complete Knitbox set – Peruvian hat in one of the available colors, and leave the joy of knitting to you.

Knitting cap for beginners and advanced knitters: Knitbox set – Peruvian hat

The Peruvian knitting hat kit provides two inspirations for a smooth go through the long and cold winter. First of all, you get a chunky, roll-up hat with large, straight mesh, which is a must-have for icy snow and frosty winds. It will work well in the city to an oversize coat, but also on the slopes paired with a ski jacket and our scarf.

The second inspiration is to discover a passion within yourself that will fill the long winter evenings. Start your adventure with knitting by making a model from thick yarn – you will not wait long for the results. The highest quality wool for the cap is already measured – a Peruvian cap will be created in just a few hours! Over time, you will take on more labor-intensive handmande projects – such as a scarf or sweater.

Contents of knitting hat kit

You’ll create a simple Peruvian hat from a thick worsted wool on your own in a few hours. To make your own – Knitbox set Peruvian hat – DIY will be necessary.

Dimensions of the finished cap: width 18 cm, length 27 cm.

Wool for hat – yarn composition: 85% sheep’s wool, 15% alpaca.

Reliable Knitbox set Peruvian hat consists of:

  • 2 skeins of thick worsted wool in the color of your choice;
  • Step-by-step instructions for making the cap;
  • Access to free online consultation;
  • A knitting needle to stitch your knitting;
  • Luxury wooden wires of the Japanese brand Seeknit with a diameter of 12 mm (optional).

Knitbox set Peruvian cap allows you to choose a dozen colors of wool for the cap.

The price depends on whether you express interest in purchasing the wires in the set.

Please follow the washing instructions included with the yarn.


black, blue, burnt orange, green, mustard, navy, powder pink, red, brown

12mm knitting needles

no, yes


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