Shirotake 12,5cm 5mm replacement knitting needles

Bamboo knitting needles, interchangeable Shirotake – in natural, light-colored bamboo. The surface of the needles is polished with natural vegetable wax, so all Shioratke accessories are extremely smooth and have a beautiful shine. Shirotake tools are also distinguished by their durability, light weight and outstanding ergonomics.

For the needles you need to buy a vein with M2 thread.

What sets these knitting needles apart:

  • lightweight, so they do not strain your hands and allow you to knit for a long time,
  • are polished to perfection by Japanese craftsmen who rely on years of knowledge and experience,
  • Each needle has a laser-burned size, so it will never rub off,
  • All the strands (even the tightened ones) rotate 360 degrees which prevents them from twisting while knitting, besides the veins are very flexible.

SeeKnit is a Japanese brand of high-quality knitting accessories, with a long tradition of more than 100 years. All needles and crochet hooks are made in Japan from bamboo wood. Since starting its business in 1916, Kinki Amibari (maker of SeeKnit) has been manufacturing knitting accessories with the philosophy to always deliver the highest quality products. Only the best quality bamboo (moso and madake) growing in Japan is selected for production, and because the tree grows extremely fast, SeeKnit products count as environmentally friendly. Based on long years of tradition and experience, as well as caring for the environment, Kinki Amibari is constantly improving its products so that working on them is comfortable and does not tire the hands.


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